Glendale Cemetery Bell Tower - Akron, Ohio

The historic bell tower still looms tall within the front gate of the Glendale Cemetery.  Construction began in 1883 on the 64-foot bell tower at the top of Ordnance knoll.  Meant to compliment the

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Faith Baptist Church ADA Updates - Hartville, Ohio

The Faith Baptist Church had ADA updates made to the interior and exterior; an ADA lift enclosure was built on the exterior, the existing Pastor’s office was converted to an ADA unisex restroom and

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Stan Hywet Perimeter Wall Project - Akron, Ohio

A significant portion of the border of Stan Hywet's property is marked by a 2,172 linear-foot dry stone wall, which is a prominent feature of the landscape and is highly visible by Stan Hywet's vis

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Stan Hywet Grape Arbor Restoration - Akron, Ohio

The Grape Arbor is an open garden pergola structure consisting of 44 brick and stone piers, 17-inches to a side, supporting a wooden trellis which then supports the original white and dark Concord

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Summit County Historical Society Wash House Roof - Akron, Ohio

The Wash House tower roof at the Summit County Historical Society was restored.  The historic windmill was removed during the reroofing operation.

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