Stan Hywet Perimeter Wall Project - Akron, Ohio

A significant portion of the border of Stan Hywet's property is marked by a 2,172 linear-foot dry stone wall, which is a prominent feature of the landscape and is highly visible by Stan Hywet's visitors, passing vehicles, pedestrians and residents of Stan Hywet's West Akron neighborhood.  Since 1912 the wall has been rebuilt three times (most recently in 1978), each times as a garden wall.  As a result of these temporary rebuilds, the wall is not historically accurate and worse, is crumbling.  In addition, it has been repaired piecemeal over the years with mismatched materials, which results in a wall that is less stable and that lacks aesthetic cohesion.  Instead of being a lovely addition to the historic property, the rebuilt wall is dangerous and is, in some areas, an eyesore.  Approximately 1,665 linear feet of existing 2,172 linear feet of the perimeter wall was rebuilt using traditional dry stone engineering on existing foundations with functional foundation drains and a 5-foot tall exposure.

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