Summit County Historical Society Wash House Roof - Akron, Ohio

The Wash House tower roof at the Summit County Historical Society was restored.  The historic windmill was removed during the reroofing operation.

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Dr. Bob's Home - Akron, Ohio

Given the nature of this project and historic considerations of the site, an in-depth existing conditions documentation of Dr.

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Preservation House - Akron, Ohio

The 1874 one-room masonry school house has historically served as a county and city school, city library and community center. Over the years, alterations had changed the building's appearance.

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Summit County Historical Society Coach House Roof - Akron, Ohio

With failing flashing and slate shingles, the shingles were removed and existing roof sheathing of the coach house was restored.

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Holsey Gates Residence - Bedford, Ohio

Through paint and photographic analyses, the exterior of the residence was restored to its turn-of-the-century appearance.

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