Zimmerly Residence National Register of Historic Places - New Franklin, Ohio

Built between 1919 and 1920, the Zimmerly residence is a large Colonial Revival brick home with detached carriage house is the same style.

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Stan Hywet Tea House, Hidden Aspect & Cliff Face - Akron, Ohio

Stan Hywet’s Birch Allée northern terminus is the twin stone pavilions known as the Tea Houses.  Located below the upper level pavilions and built into the rock face are changing rooms used by thos

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Glendale Cemetery Bell Tower - Akron, Ohio

The historic bell tower still looms tall within the front gate of the Glendale Cemetery.  Construction began in 1883 on the 64-foot bell tower at the top of Ordnance knoll.  Meant to compliment the

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Faith Baptist Church ADA Updates - Hartville, Ohio

The Faith Baptist Church had ADA updates made to the interior and exterior; an ADA lift enclosure was built on the exterior, the existing Pastor’s office was converted to an ADA unisex restroom and

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Stan Hywet Perimeter Wall Project - Akron, Ohio

A significant portion of the border of Stan Hywet's property is marked by a 2,172 linear-foot dry stone wall, which is a prominent feature of the landscape and is highly visible by Stan Hywet's vis

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